Hotel Sabala Zakopane

Quintessential mountain charm! Hotel Sabala is all you could ask for when planning a jaunt to the popular Zakopane.

Years of experience and its own unique history combine to make the Sabala a top choice for all visitors to the Tatra region. The Hotel first made a name for itself during the late 1800s, when the top minds and artists of cultural powerhouse, Krakow, "discovered" the charming town of Zakopane. One of their first memories was of a charismatic folk singer, Mr. Sabala. Tales of this now legendary musician quickly inspired many local establishments to don his name.

Hotel Sabala certainly does justice to its namesake. True to the local style of architecture and design, the hotel can also boast the perfect location - right on the popular Krupowki street. All the elements add up to the perfect mountain vacation. Come and see for yourself!

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